Monday, November 19, 2012

For A Future Win'try Day:

For A Future Win'try Day:

Don’t cry for me when I am gone
I’m off to dwell in better planes
Where pain and strife and envy cease
And love and living go aeons on

My native land with golden sand

With people who I know I’ve missed
Ten trillion souls I comprehend
(Yet did not then with eyes below)
These all will greet me with a kiss

From country roam to going home

It is my place, this heavn’ly field
And filled with green, in all degrees
Of God’s own hammers, sounding halls
My mote and dust will be annealed

To traveling sail and parting veil

Don’t yearn for me, you left behind
And wail in ashen dreary dreams
My rooted clay so lodged and left
Must stay and sleep, but not my mind

This place feels new, yet presque vu

I’ve gladly set my broken dreams
Aside like linen, old and stained;
This new cloth finger’d with a smile
Such stunning starry flaxen seams!

Then waiting day, tho slim delay

I’ll wait and work with God’s own gold
(the real kind, found in human souls)
As each gloss’d fire returns to Him
I’ll do this work, and won’t grow old

So freed from time, and loos’d of rime

And tears we’ll shed when joined again
When you too make this pleasant land
By sailing through the darkened shroud
To dock and leave the blessed main!

Safe harbor made, and kept and stayed

Your gold will then be back with God
And yours and mine with all of His
To ne’r be spent in rolling roads
The race of man no more to plod

Reunion sweet, angelic fete

So dry these tears you shed today
Ours is a moment so detach’d!
And soon you’ll turn and I’ll be there
To clasp and go no more away!

-JRB    11-19-2012