Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Psalm, April 24th, 2012

God of my secret soul
Shelter my holiest hopes~
That as storms of life condemn,
And shake the bulwark side
(and I trembling within)
Forget me not!

God of my yearning soul
Guard my anxious mind~
That as the tasks of life mire
And cast me from my craft
(and I on the beach)
‘Member my soul!

God of my muted soul
Captain of my inward parts~
That as plots of wicked men,
To sink both bark and span
(and I making for harbor)
Keep lit Thy light!

God of my disquiet soul
Architect of joy and pain~
That as the toils cumulate
And precipitate great weight
(and I with trembling limb)
Strength to mine arms!

God of my murmuring soul
Chef Cornerstone of all~
That as my days prolong
And year and year redouble
(and I with weakened age)
‘Turn to thy breast!

God of my hard won soul
Author of Celestial spheres~
That as thanatopsis arises
And dust, sleep shaken from eyes
(and old man, new again)
No more to lie!