Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sometimes feelings are simply
too big for us to handle
and washing across us,
(emotive wave, so linked to the moon!)
we weep

Laughter turned to tears
or uffish thought spawned by scent
mem'ry of taste or sight or smell~
(perhaps a song'll do it to us)

Taking us back to something missing
(some object lost in youth?)
or a tingle felt
when someone long gone
intimates our thoughts with longing

(Why so? Why this ache?)
Are we really just dust?
and these rivers on which our boats
catching momentary views on sweeping bends,
merely the itch one feels for a missing limb?

The tears you shed tonight
(the ones which you felt were too big for you)
laughter breached by lamentation
are just the pushings of your pith
testing the sides of it's earthy container~

So laugh! and cry
and stare off into space
talk to yourself, confide in you
(be a true friend to your own secret self)
God inhabits that same inward space

That space needs no careful hidings,
no bravery of tinkling ornaments,
(or cauls, or crisping pins to prop up!)
'tis one where only that bearded Father
and you can couch, and vouch as safe

3-26-12 @ 23:12

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