Thursday, February 23, 2012

My God!
what examples in
my father, my stepfather, my grandfather(s),
sirs who went and did
and stayed their courses
perhaps not so nobly as by astrolabe,
but plotted by some hidden distingue.
admittedly, most days slip by for me
toiling moments roiling on in their march
'till I look up all of a sudden
and peer back at ten and fifteen years
which should feel close enough to touch,
Spderweb of time.
Father, do you still feel thirteen, betimes?
do you wake for sleep and reach for a bedtable
years and years gone?
Oh! the stars must chuckle at we(e) little ants
scurrying so quickly with the ebb of elan
here and gone before we know it.
outline in me oh God, the stars:
that even as I go about my daily tasks
make this little bit of clay I am
not leptonic in my interaction
but firm in my resolve
silent keeper of distinction

-Jay 2-23-12 @ 20:16


Davdoney said...

Thats great!! Quit "hiding your talent"....its a gift to share.
Dave D.

whirlston zhai said...

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