Thursday, January 12, 2012

Viridian Derivative

he was a transcendental traveler
enjoyed the audience of stars
his mind went on vacation
an out-o'-body trip to Mars

'The gas trees bloom right now on Venus
in the solst'ce of the year'

he wore occidental khakis
on the beach while sipping beer

He would flash and wax poetic
of these places n'ver seen
swearing truth and TRUTH t'gether
construct'd entirely new means

'tho his mind has slipped completely
and that fiction had evolved
there was peace behind his glasses
his earthbound problems had been solved

I left him with is ramblings
his toes flirtin' with the sea
and I fled to solid reasoning
back to life, to earth, to me

Pr'haps he's still there statuestanding
in cenotes of space and time
his book-stuff'd pockets bulging
and a corona, and that rim perch'd lime

-Jay 8-3-2010 at 0001

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