Wednesday, January 18, 2012


trees complete
but their games are slow
not so slow that the mountains note them
but slow enough that a man
notices, barely.
in my back yard
a japanese elm and an engelman spruce
grew along another in one such games:
the elm, with its drooping tresses
lashed the bristle pine
in the wind
year after year
'till the elm was so bent
trunk so broken
it had to be replaced with a stump
the spruce, majestic on one side
and looking pecked on the other
(as a hen would be, fresh from her winter coop)
strange contrast,
One stiffly still standing
the other, too motile for its good.
I note the space and denuded branches
but also that
the spruce is no less majestic
in its misshape
despite the years and wear,
the victr'y to the strong endurer

-Jay 11-2-2010

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