Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Untitled, 10-16-09)

How disoriented we must be!
we earth locked, after this sphere
our entire plane changed
color, light, taste, sound
all our senses tied to that orb
and newborn again
thrust into a more astral existence
made light, made fire,
crystal fire and coruscant burning
oh soul!
soul so newly torn from body
thrust into afterlife
bone and sinew separated from spirit
how like an infant we then feel,
seeking a parent to clarity
to orient and hold us
teach us to walk again (in that sphere)
reorient, clarify, direct--
if 'twer not for a loving God
who knows beginning from end
(all variations on His theme)
we'd be lost
sailors in the shell
rudderless in space!
motherless child in a faceless crowd
yet orientation must be:
we earthborn, new in that sphere
a new plane
new color, new light, new taste, new sound


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