Friday, November 05, 2010

My Christmas Wish List in a Down Economy

In light of our trillions of dollars of debt, with nearly 15 million people out of work, and the very real threat of a double-dip recession here is my wish list of gear for the uncertain future.

Please note you'll see no 12' sarissa, no gilded pillum, you'll not even see a long bar chain saw (all for potential zombie action!). The future I see is one of very tight economic belts, of continued job loss, and a very depressed and devalued dollar.

So without further ado, my list:

$50 worth of junk silver (preferably pre-1964 dimes, and $50 by no means has to be the cap):)
Pistol ammo in any of the major calibers
.22 ammo
12 Gauge ammo
Thermal underwear (the under armour or Cabelas house brand)
The last two Wheel of Time books by Brandon Sanderson (or any good book for that matter)
Craftsman bow saw with replacement blades
Craftsman Metric wrench set (I already have the standard)
Fiberglass handled shovels (square and round nose)
8 lb maul and splitting wedge
Blue Fox #2 spinner baits
Spools of 8 lb mono fishing line
Leather work gloves
Large box of bicycle tube patches (vulcanizing rubber type)
Wool Blankets (the old mil surplus)
A dozen 5-6 gallon food grade buckets
Gamma seal lids
Roll of 4-5 mil contractor bags
Roll of Visqueen
4-5 rolls duct tape
#10 can of survival seeds (heirloom quality, non-hybrid)
5 Gallon bucket of Utah honey

And I nearly forgot, a box of aluminum foil from Costco (the large roll), so I can continue to make those foil beanies so the aliens/gov't won't be able to read my brainwaves (sarcasm of course, they can both see right through tin/aluminium foil) ;)