Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Work called during my vacation--I missed it, but heard the voicemail. Gotta love when a manager asks if you're 'making a colleague reinvent the wheel' because you forgot and neglected to complete a task.

Perhaps I am simply being persnickety about it. Perhaps my perception is not quite so black and white, and work is more of a gray area. Perhaps I am overreacting, and work with its plethora of veiled allusions really can be left at the door when one leaves the office.

With cell phones, no vacation is sacred, not even one in the mountains.

Yes Mr Hunt (legal speak: all names bearing any semblance to reality in this blog are pure happenstance, and in no way reflect any knowledge of the author of said work), I did not complete the report you foisted on me. No, I did not do it in hopes my colleague would be obligated in completing it. Yes, if you must know I do believe the scrambling of 60+ lives which my changing their schedules will do is asinine. No, I don't want to tell you where to shove your favorite Bic pen. And no, that wasn't my feces in your breakfast cereal last Friday.

Oy. What is it with middle management that makes them think of their workers as assets and liabilities? Why is it that people tend to be dehumanized in filling the jobs they have been hired to do? What is it about the office environment that makes a manager's words holy writ; and since we're asking a bunch of midnight philosophical questions, what happens when the inevitable pendulum changes that holy manager touch to the caress of leprosy?

I am no union goon--I do not advocate or endorse the backroom deals and threats accompanied by the sound of cracking knuckles. I do believe in respect, in fair opportunity and fair dispersal of work, in working hard, and completing the job. I also believe in folks leaving on vacation and having a break from the company and not being harassed by the company while on vacation. People work hard and deserve a break. I don't hold other folks' feet to the flame when they vacation; I expect others to extend the same courtesy for me.

Not too much to ask? A modicum of respect--a nice break where a manager treats one with benign neglect and allows that one to recharge the batteries. Allows them to pause before girding back up in business causal, arming himself with a red swingline stapler (they're better than the Boston stapler!) and a TPS report coversheet and leaping back into the fray.

But ladies and gentlemen, as I have said before, I am merely an unfrozen caveman lawyer, your world frightens and confuses me!

And on that note, my fictional philosophical ramblings are all posted out in algore's cyberspace. I am headed for bed.

'Gnight humans


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riotimus said...

Middle management has always cramped my style. I had one almost ruin my ruined lumber career. Sorry to hear about the vacation connection. Connectivity surely has its down sides.