Monday, August 30, 2010

I am up too late and reading about the Circus which seems to have set up its tent in our government. The only thing missing are the salt peanuts

Tums, anyone? If you've got 'em, do pass me three. I prefer the mixed berry; we buy them in bulk from Costco.

What is it about the lunacy with money we've got going on? Why am I smelling a very nasty red herring? Why does Mr Ben think printing off a few more sheets of green and white Christmas wrapping paper and throwing it out there to the bankers will help? Why doesn't our President fully embrace the unemployment numbers, give credence to the unloading of T-bills by the Chinese, discuss the horrid housing market, and most of all leave the &@*^ private market alone? Why doesn't he allow the companies to painfully fail and new ones to come up in their place?

I realize some of our problems have been around a while. I realize my ramblings are on subjects that no magic bullet will fix. I also realize I am no socialist. I am conservative with a bent of libertarian. My blog is heavily flavored with those two seasonings.

I feel frazzled by our President (oh, and I don't care if he is Christian or Muslim, BTW), frazzled by our former President (erosion of privacy anyone?), and trying to find any glimmer of hope in the House, the Senate, or the Judicial branch of our government (on a side note, I am glad that Chicago v McDonald panned out the way it did).

Anyone else left wondering what the hell is happening to their country?

Time to buy some food stuffs humans, if you already haven't. It is time to pick up a few extra tins of stuff at the market, perhaps purchase a basic first aid kit, or acquire a 72 hour kit or bug out bag.

If you are one of the types who thinks this'll all pass--that your 401K is sacrosanct, that your pension is iron clad, or even that folks who prepare for things are a bit on the nutty side, I beg you to reconsider. If it even seems just a bit too much, do a google search for prepping or food storage, and try taking a few baby steps. Get your house in order. Even if it is just a little bit of something.

Even better, try to grow some stuff. Dig a little bit of your lawn out and plant some tomatoes (they'll taste better than store bought). You can thank me later.

The belts are gonna tighten farther folks, and being conservative with your funds is the smart hedge. That and it is pretty damn difficult to cook and eat a 50" OLED TV.


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Gretschzilla said...

Beth and I had a good discussion about excess last night. The problem with households and governments alike seems to be the inability to discern between wants and needs. That's what I think anyway.