Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Someone I know through the Internets has a handle of treatmewithbenignneglect

This is they way I feel--leave me alone, let me succeed, and don't fetter me with a zillion rules.

Let me be able to win or lose; let me do it myself.

I worry that we are a society who props up folks instead of letting them fail miserably. Why the artifice? Is it truly as one Woman in power said she's "in keeping with the values of Jesus Christ, the Word made Flesh."

Why do I disagree with the rhetoric? When someone says they are doing something, they should mean it, not just spin it.

I don't believe Nanci Pelosi. I don't believe that they are doing these forced changes out of respect for us.

I believe they do these things because they believe we cannot govern ourselves. That we cannot choose things which are free and good and autonomous.

And that scares me.

So if it comes to that, I just might have to change my handle to treatmewithbenignneglect as well.

Let me be please, let me be free.