Friday, March 05, 2010

we'd a late winter snowfall
last night, and a quiet night
no wind to stir the branches
nor breeze to craze the entire-filled chain link
(each now a study in lacework)
all lines of sight stand out in relief
every thing muted to black and white
I scraped the walk
in the colorless silence
my dampened steel blade ringing
in close proximity
After I was done, I let the dog out
and stood watching the new cornices on the roof
(where yesterday there were none!)
A crack then, from the neighbor's Elm
and I waited, watching the tree
a slight breath of wind began to stir
three more times the tree spoke out
each single crack, spaced some minutes in between
that single syllable spoken in the stillness
each time breaking the nervous silence between us
and suddenly the Sumac between us shook itself
and loosened a branch load of snow to the ground
interrupting our tacit exchange
meantime the flakes continued to fall
on this late winter day of March
building up, breaking down, transcending everything


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