Tuesday, January 26, 2010


please, dear God, awake and free us
as the buffalo this field once heard
break the fetter'd binding rivets
re-make skies for wheeling birds

tickle prisons formed by manchilds
lavalieres so dark with fear
loose these welds thus dark with anger
common past and present near

dear God, break down these linked rings
with thy breath to sunder chain
touch both heart and land and spirit
washing flow and pulling drain

remake hallowed, desicration
long still graves and holy pyre
unbind dirt so great and spacious
sea of souls laid down in mire

oh, thou God, redeeming artist
make this canvas something more
than these squibs and paths so crooked
aimless paintings, pith and gore

knit that ossein again to sinew
ancient flesh and scat and bug
let these bones delight in fatness
reconcile cadaver smug

please, oh God, thou hidden captain
with thy stars so marked as eyes
by thy earthen illustration
crack the marrow and death's sigh

free the prisn'er of the darkland
bid the shrunken soul to fly
rid that binding appellation
wake up man no more to die!

Mighty God, thou fount not ending
bring about this later day
when the rough parts all are ended
smooth the path, that narrow way

olden friends again will hail here
clasping souls again unite
when darkened glass is broken
and the dirty made to light


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