Saturday, January 30, 2010


Help me see the truth in all things. Help me see the person despite the anger, the fear, the frustration or the preoccupation they may express.

Help me see the potential. Help me find a way in to coax that potential to life. Help me be a light to grow the seed of their hope into a true plant. Help them be able to reflect that potential to others.

Mostly, Lord, help me to be a stone. Not the kind that is in the way; not the kind that is in a shoe. Let me be constant and kind, part of a foundation that helps build Thy house.

Let me be real, that I may touch souls. Make me an instrument of Thy peace.

As Thou loves all your children, allow me to find a part of that love.

Let my own sight turn from the within and find peace.

Guide me, never leave me. Make me a place to sit down at a table with Thee.


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