Friday, December 25, 2009

Come on March 6th!

Melissa and I reserved a slot on a cruise ship with a bunch of her mom's side of the family (about 25 in all!) clear back in June/July. We got a screaming deal and thanks to the keen eye of Aunt Angie, are planning on a fun time with family.

Melissa and I are so excited as this will be our first real trip without the kids (thank you Beth and Anna for being so willing to have Hy, Mad, Miles, and Graham stay with you). We are both excited for some rest and relaxation.

The ship's home port is San Diego. We plan on driving down, hopping on the ship, getting in six days of R&R (destination Cabo) and driving back home.


Come on March 6th!

And as a final comment, this is my kind of ship. It has a library!



Beth said...

I'm excited for you guys to go! We will have lots of fun with your kids, too!

islandgirl said...

WOW, I'm jealous! You guys deserve it!