Friday, November 13, 2009


days like today
make me wonder why
I chose tech support as my career

I am beset by bosses
as callous as demons
and I crack rocks, trapp'd in this hell

oh sure, the pay
it nearly avails the pain
but what of dignity? what then of that?

my soul, the cost
and freedom so spent
is sold for a mere mite and not thirty marks

Yes, work is work~
and a man knows his lot
I work for my own! I do not work for them!

I was proud
in days not far gone
to mark how I worked for the number one

spinning tales
in my veiled ambiguity
allowing others to be jealous of my job

oh the truth!
that this aggregation
this league of folk are truly a clique

and one like I,
mere vendor to their club
could not own full ties nor full rank!

not that I'd
desire initiation
into their club of demons, that evil baptism

insipid familiars
limp grinning goons
they eat my laughter, and in my mouth a stone

their compliments
are maledictions
and every help they proffer bears a hidden blade

how I long for a song
a holy paladin's bard
to pierce their center and cast them screaming!

Back to Abadon!
begone you hell spawn!
Get thee hence into the river Styx and choke!

Mark me oh God
against their besetting
with perfume and oil bind thy talisman to my heart!

vouchsafe this soul
as I walk each day
through shadows, the specters of these archfiends

stay their appetite
still their whip
and alight peace, that dove, firm on my shoulders


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Anonymous said...

Very good. I enjoyed that.