Saturday, November 21, 2009


tonight I watch the trees dance
in the biting Autumn wind
their branches coaxing spring back
this equinox to rescind

the sunset now is fading
quenching hiss of golden hue
and seagull pinions passing
mark the moment with a mew

how nature with it's motions
marks the gliding of each day
all these regular iterations
round their cosmic fix'ed way

where breadth and ambulation
in these linear ordered things
is this man so glued to timeline
to be cut by graded rings?

now light has bruised to darkness
and the trees are waving on
still I grasp at ringing moments
stirring echoes of a song

if you hear me, God of colors
and can mark my thoughtful cry
grant me eyes of understanding
help me know this changing sky

please remove these lenses darkened
and assuage my suff'ring sigh
you can mend this bit of blindness
with tomorrow's burning eye


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