Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facets of Leavening

How strange our belief of perpetuity!
that our world
will carry on, just so
after we have tempered it
that our grassy Elysium
cool after the battles
will never suffer weeds~
in truth, the thorns and stones will come again
not much is constant
'cept for God
And His ways seem so strange~
dominion is a s fickle as a track of sand.
and but another pathway to Him
this curious duality of man
light and shadow mixed together
hope and the despair
clarity and blindness
what queer fire this life!
in moments we sense it,
both child and stricken with years
and others, we realize too late
that the locus of control never was ours
we only held it for a time,
stewards of you will~
of a truth, it only belongs to Him
and all these acts
both mundane and deliberate
tumbling in their arc
to precipitate into the bones of being
what strangeness!
taking a handful of clay and shaping a life!
these seeming nothings amplified
to fill the sky
and greater than the stars
more constant, fixed,
than polar eye
and again awake as
children fresh as morning scions
breath of babes
in the cooing cradle of That king


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