Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We just got back from family pictures taken by this lady:

Please keep your eyes peeled for our pictures to show up on her blog in the next few days :)

Thank you Amy for the excellent experience!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You Can't Count on Washington to Wake Up
By Glenn Beck,2933,576465,00.html

Monday, November 23, 2009

wind chapped cheeks
and runny noses
frosted fingers
and numb'ed toeses

the cold has come
to our Utah home
and we bundle up now
before our family roam

and so bless the warm
again inside our door
after snicking the lock
and crossing the floor

it's visqueen'd glass
and insulated trim
a steaming mug
filled up to the brim

the hint of winter
in cool cold days
so many manifestations
spoken so many ways

and fall walks for me
with their spawn'd inflection
warm our twinned hearts
with harvest affection


Saturday, November 21, 2009


tonight I watch the trees dance
in the biting Autumn wind
their branches coaxing spring back
this equinox to rescind

the sunset now is fading
quenching hiss of golden hue
and seagull pinions passing
mark the moment with a mew

how nature with it's motions
marks the gliding of each day
all these regular iterations
round their cosmic fix'ed way

where breadth and ambulation
in these linear ordered things
is this man so glued to timeline
to be cut by graded rings?

now light has bruised to darkness
and the trees are waving on
still I grasp at ringing moments
stirring echoes of a song

if you hear me, God of colors
and can mark my thoughtful cry
grant me eyes of understanding
help me know this changing sky

please remove these lenses darkened
and assuage my suff'ring sigh
you can mend this bit of blindness
with tomorrow's burning eye

Unnamed Psalm

For the distant hills
and the quiet skies
for the colored rills
I thank thee!

for the forest glade
and the mountain stream
for the ocean wade
I thank thee!

for the baby cry
and the table talk
for the loved ones nigh
I thank thee!

for the love of Christ
and the wash from sin
for his sacrifice
I thank thee!

for the breach of death
and the empty tomb
for restoring breath
I thank thee!

for the scope of life
and it's many tasks
for my guiding wife
I thank thee!


Saturday, November 14, 2009


Its the silence I feel first
murmuring flakes falling on my hooded form
I hear nothing save the shivering of my dog
this Saturday morning in late fall
snow has stilled the world
(as it often does)
pausing babel's tongues in reverent wonder.
I stoop to the dormant grass
gentle sussuring, so as to not disturb the cathedral
so new in my back yard
I coax my dog
urgent whispers tinkling the crystalline air
yet he is fix'd on the porch
finding in my puissant crouch instead a challenge to play.
this Boston rarely barks,
instead he snorts
and whuffling his reply
finally comes to me
we squat there on the grass
my hand on his able trembling chest
and listen to the silence of the snow


Friday, November 13, 2009


days like today
make me wonder why
I chose tech support as my career

I am beset by bosses
as callous as demons
and I crack rocks, trapp'd in this hell

oh sure, the pay
it nearly avails the pain
but what of dignity? what then of that?

my soul, the cost
and freedom so spent
is sold for a mere mite and not thirty marks

Yes, work is work~
and a man knows his lot
I work for my own! I do not work for them!

I was proud
in days not far gone
to mark how I worked for the number one

spinning tales
in my veiled ambiguity
allowing others to be jealous of my job

oh the truth!
that this aggregation
this league of folk are truly a clique

and one like I,
mere vendor to their club
could not own full ties nor full rank!

not that I'd
desire initiation
into their club of demons, that evil baptism

insipid familiars
limp grinning goons
they eat my laughter, and in my mouth a stone

their compliments
are maledictions
and every help they proffer bears a hidden blade

how I long for a song
a holy paladin's bard
to pierce their center and cast them screaming!

Back to Abadon!
begone you hell spawn!
Get thee hence into the river Styx and choke!

Mark me oh God
against their besetting
with perfume and oil bind thy talisman to my heart!

vouchsafe this soul
as I walk each day
through shadows, the specters of these archfiends

stay their appetite
still their whip
and alight peace, that dove, firm on my shoulders


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facets of Leavening

How strange our belief of perpetuity!
that our world
will carry on, just so
after we have tempered it
that our grassy Elysium
cool after the battles
will never suffer weeds~
in truth, the thorns and stones will come again
not much is constant
'cept for God
And His ways seem so strange~
dominion is a s fickle as a track of sand.
and but another pathway to Him
this curious duality of man
light and shadow mixed together
hope and the despair
clarity and blindness
what queer fire this life!
in moments we sense it,
both child and stricken with years
and others, we realize too late
that the locus of control never was ours
we only held it for a time,
stewards of you will~
of a truth, it only belongs to Him
and all these acts
both mundane and deliberate
tumbling in their arc
to precipitate into the bones of being
what strangeness!
taking a handful of clay and shaping a life!
these seeming nothings amplified
to fill the sky
and greater than the stars
more constant, fixed,
than polar eye
and again awake as
children fresh as morning scions
breath of babes
in the cooing cradle of That king

Two haiku:

Errand of Erinyes

silken cords of change
wrapped around each one of us
carefully to hell

Promised Land

new hope springs for me
hidden heart and winters bud
banked against the storm

Glenn Beck commentary on "extemists",2933,574265,00.html


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bankrupt soul
unhappy world
when will the Gods come?
every day I read pain
pasted on the news
one inflicting
upon another
who cares enough to change?
transmogrify this clay?
bankrupt people
unhappy lives
when will 1984 come?
the true path to peace lies within
and bombs
and odium
cannot breach that stony sanctum
Thou has prepared
a table for me, against them
that trouble me


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Am I Purging the GOP?
by Glenn Beck,2933,571219,00.html

An interesting read on accountability!