Thursday, October 22, 2009

"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."
-Albert Einstein

autumn again
and myriad manifestations surround me
the falling leaves outside
and spilling indoors
the harvest orange and yellow and red
these colors spoken in bottled fruit

what change
maturing ellipse through each day
the year strolling on in whispering steps
our earth 'round the sun
warming and cooling, orange and blue
the swing of gravity to the poles

patient canvas
each blade as delicate as placental vellum
the wind ever the artist
and each new beginning bud
from delicate opening to wind dried dropping
the masterwork of the skies

warm sweaters
by whatever etymology or nomenclature
turtleneck or aran, jumper or jersey
these thick woolly knittings speak of autumn
across thick hirsute lips
their blurred speech the mumbling of centuries

autumn again
and all these languages the season speaks
are laid out as evenly as the Rosetta stone
from 'glyphs to Egyptian to Greek
the soft translation of an artisan
colors construed on every medium

8:27 pm

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