Monday, September 14, 2009

this life is a dream
and we the dreamers swimming
both bearded babe and youthful old man
where is the truth?

that veil, this lfe
and these cynics shrilling
hollow in their anger at a disproved God
how is their truth?

What dreams this life!
so hopeful these stories, boyish hope
twinned as this man who walks
where is my truth?

And thick this fancy,
music so painted with soaring ambition!
I dreamt today of Cerin Amroth
this mound is the truth

where ends, this life?
where my Haven awaiting such as I
no ringbearer, just a simple shieldman
Is all this the truth?

We live on, this dream
the nodding simbelmynë marking white
solid actuality, laid to rest
old bones the truth

This life is the dream
and we the salmon swimming it
this urge to move upriver, leaving others
there is the truth

what memories this dream!
the ungarded left flank
the bleeding and broken souls and souls
how old is the truth

no waking this dream
the pinch does not shake
nor the violent death by the mallorn
so universal is truth

and slip to the dream
my heart equally buried
at both wounded knee and lothlorien
the strange way of truth

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