Sunday, September 13, 2009

Comfortable With Respect to the Weather

The hounds of fall have been baying
at the door, the roof, all day.
I feel summer sneaking away into coolness
her skirts rustling the green grasses
'till she's another memory of times past.
and yet
I find myself awake from my nap of hours
my hibernation of spirit, that near-drowning feel
the eternal pause for a crack in the chrysalis
Awaken tropical breezes!
the sound of ukulele, of Olelo Hawai'i
I care not for the buffeting of the eaves
nor note the rattling of the windows
my roof is thatched tonight,
stilted in the tanzanite blue of Moorea
the moon clean and honest in the sky
her freshly washed face
not hid by scudding clouds.
I smell the breath of my love
hibiscus and honey~
my pockets filled by these sands
black and white, black and white.


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