Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is absolutely the most cool thing I have seen in a while in regards to bicycles. I had a co-worker message it to me, and opened it wondering what the latest greatest carbon-whiz wunder gadget he was linking me to. My jaw dropped, and I just had to share it out to you all.

Renovo, located in Portland Oregon, is making beautiful and functional wooden framed rigs. What? Yes, you heard me correctly. Wooden Framed Bicycles. They are doing it and they are engineered to last. Don't believe me? Read on:

True, they carry a $2300 price tag, and that's more than most folks would pay for a lifetime's worth of bicycles; I have owned a nice bike before and all I can say is they're worth every penny. The bikes in my life have run the gamut of a gas pipe stingray in my youth, to an S-Works Enduro, and everything in between. They have all been fun to ride, but the sweet costly ones are a joy to ride, and this little beauty would be a joy too. I can already tell.

It is true, you do have to be a little crazy to get a thing like this. But, to help shed a little light on being me, and the mania which makes me up, I am posting tonight's link. I deem this a thing of uber-coolness.

If I had a million dollars, I would definitely have one of these in my stable. And all it took for me was one look at that sweeping top tube. The extra fact that the thing can not only dish, but take licks is bonus.


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Melissa said...

COOL! I want you to have one! Someday... ;)