Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Savage

Tonight I've had a vision,
it's an atavistic dream
one of tomahawk and rifle
'lo a quintessential thing

this throwback rumination
of a distant 'in my past'~
the modern me does battle
how these visions dwindle fast!

a twiggy hold on ancient customs
to forge and knife and moc
these deft skills so clean forgotten
if ancient skills could talk!

and yet I sit and touch you
from perhaps a mile, a league,
on this information superhighway
an electric pulse the steed.

track these events of antecedents!
mark the place from where you're from
persons carried you on forward
humans hammering their drum

lend your hearts to them now
try and feel the formers, gone
time was once ahead for them too
stretching out like jeweled lawn!

no propone I jest to foil you,
see, instead I ask the cost~
that we each must weigh the future
against our past so lost

These alarming implications
of our people without root
do we become a soulless chattel
all our works to count as moot?

No! Reach back, barbaric thinking
allow the savage in the straw!
let the land call back the woodsman
and the lumber and the law

strech out fin to kith with longing
bend the aether with your hand
bind your heart to wood and leather
stitch your soul into the land.


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