Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ode to a Mustang

When as a child I'd sit in thought
and project out all I'd be
I'd visualize my great success
oh the things that'd build up me!

I'd never knew that all my stuff
instead would chain me down
and in place of smiles beatific
I'd wear an ulcered frown

I'd never been acquainted
with amortization or it's friends
never known of crippling debt
or been victims of it's ends

And here today, the car is gone
and punky bills heap like twigs
These companies who once courted
now sharpen knives for gutting pigs

I understand the allure of dreams,
and the visions that set you free
posessions never made the man
and ashes tell tales, you see.

This makes me think of the afterlife
of when I've come and gone
which master will I be paying to
will it be devil, or Everlasting Son?

For me, I'll learn from my mistakes
take my licks, dust off and go
continue on the path to Life
there are other meadows to mow.


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