Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am suffering from identity crisis. As of today I am no cyclist, but on the other side of the Jay-spectrum I am no biker either. The two worlds I was once part of have passed me by--I am selling my Harley, and haven't ridden my bicycle really much at all in the last three years.

I rode today. I squeezed into a too-small shirt, modestly covered my too small cycling shorts with a pair of baggy cargo's, and pedaled 16.08 miles from my home up to Bridal Veil Falls and back. Today I spent 1 hour of time cruising at an average of 15.8 mph on my black Specialized Allez road bike.

When it comes to aches and pains, my right knee hurt first but then worked it's way to smoothness by mile 3. My left knee and left ankle hurt the entire time, but I took it easy and cruised. They were tolerable. It is hard to describe the stance on a road bike, but it can make you grimace--the muscles on the back of my head were starting to ache, and I remembered to relax my ears to make it go away. It is funny the things which can come back.

My overall speed was fairly laughable. My max speed was 28.5 due to a long downhill, and made me remember being skinny, more so than the ill-fitting shorts did.

Now, this whole identity thing is a bit of conundrum to me. I rode bicycles quite seriously for a decade, only hanging them up in the garage when I got my first motorcycle back in July 2006. I suppose it was the fact that I was on to a new thing, but I gave up the cycling for motorcycling.

Fast forward 3 years and one bankruptcy later. I am 15 lbs heavier and don't exercise a tenth what I used to.

Today was a revelation. I remembered how much I like the little things about cycling--the way a turn can be taken in a graceful arc, the feel of the pedal stroke, the sound of the wind in my ears, the incredible lightness of being after a climb, and mostly that special washed out clean feeling after exercising for an hour.

Truly, there is nothing quite like it, and I intend to continue this renaissance of my cycling passion.

Don't really have any way to succinctly tie this up; perhaps with a suggestion? If you haven't ridden a bicycle in a few years, get out and try it. You just might remember why you liked it as a kid.



MojoPhotoCo said...
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MojoPhotoCo said...

The prodigal cyclist!

As for your identity crisis, your bike (motorized or not) has nothing to do with who you are. We are not the roles we play.

I'm relieved to even know still have your bike. Let's go for a ride sometime!

Melissa said...

I am feeling like I am finally getting to feeling really good when I run. I'm surprised you are feeling so upbeat about your ride lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you go out on it more often!