Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Interesting Articles Gleaned from Google News

This was an article written by Liz Soares with the Kennebec Journal (Maine).

I thought it was interesting to read as she is obviously a bit anti-2nd amendment (believes in gun control).


Worth a read; it is a bit of a tongue in cheek commentary about the state of our America today.

Another post from here out west:


Of particular note is the comment entry by "guest" on Thursday, June 25, 2009 (they really should make folks register, nothing like anonymous small mindedness being sprayed out on the Internets).

"I doubt many ammo buyers are preparing for civil war. Only the most fringe militia types which are 0.000000000000001% of gun owners. Here are some other more likely reasons, though:

1) Lots of people bought their first-ever gun in the months preceding and following the 2008 presidential election. Because they're racist rednecks angry that a black man is president? NO. Of course not. Rather, because the economy was going to pot which means more crime on the way, better be prepared to defend yourself. And also because there is a rational belief that this may be their last chance to buy a gun----something they've always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to doing. Obama hails from Chicago, after all, where all guns are banned. Too bad that advertising an unarmed-victim zone in that manner doesn't seem to be helping the murder rate. Anyway, more gun owners equals more ammo demand. Especially new gun owners who need to ramp up on skills.

2) Speculators. A lot of people who don't even own guns are buying ammo at Walmart and selling it for 50% markup or more on gun auction websites

3) component shortages in inputs to rounds including primers

4) government is buying more from the big manufacturers. The DOD also briefly tried (on Obama instructions) to stop selling spent military brass casings to reload companies. This only lasted a week before backlash prompted a reversal, but it certainly indicated Obama's intent to reduce the supply of ammo out there as a backdoor gun control method.

5) Huge growth nationwide in the number of small towns having SWAT teams and gang task forces, counter-terror task forces, etc., and needing more weapons, more military-style weapons, more training, and more ammo.

The shortage is showing signs of getting ready to ease. The hoarders seem to have hoarded enough (or at least, all that they can afford), and some of the bigger government contracts are nearing being fulfilled. Further, some ammo producers have made the gamble to increase production (something that involves substantial risk if the increased demand is only temporary), and finally some importers, smelling opportunity, have increased their imports from producers in eastern Europe, etc."

So all in all, I hope the shortage is abating. Paying $20 for a brick of 9mm is just too much!

And finally, for a contrasting note I add an article from the San Francisco Chronicle:


Tom Stienstra suggests that we are selling our ammo overseas at huge profits. Interesting tie into war mongering, that. I quote: "A national shortage of ammunition for hunting rifles and target pistols, blamed on large volumes of ammo being sold overseas at high prices."


Just for the record, read the comments posted on these papers at your own peril. Lots of angry folks out there in re: to you and I having the right to defend our families, homes, and property. Apparently those angry folks believe that a police state should be doing that, instead of the average Joe. It is interesting to note that these same folks believe the Constitution is a "interpretable document" and believe that the Supreme Court has the right to read it how they want to.

Oy. May Heaven help us.


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