Friday, June 26, 2009

I am about to start my weekend. I've got 35 minutes left on shift, and then freedom!

Going to start plasma donation again today, haven't been bloodletting for cash for nearly a year. I have done this on and off for a number of years; the cash the plasma center pays out is well worth it (approx $250 per month), and well used for plethora of purpose.

I am pretty tired. As you perhaps can see from my fragmented trains of thought. It has been a tough week @ work. Lots of issues, and many of them so odd they defied rational thought. Customers asking for weird support, accusing of strange things, demanding out-of-scope actions. I am gld to be done.

On another seperate grain of thought, I think I may try and write something spur-of-the-moment. Here goes.


this vessel, ungilded chalice
holds little more that water
yet costs more than kings mead
it carries the cost of life
weighs the grains of death
and works, works, works
until its finished
seized up, pegged.
solo drum beats, only so many
pushing this little stuff, more than water.
once taken away, dust~
hammer on, on, ON!
simple chalice, soul's steed
tympanic movements
in the strange cantata of life.

Hmmm. And I end up writing about Michael Jackson anyway. Didn't mean to. Yet there you are. For Michael.


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