Sunday, June 28, 2009

-For Barton, Jr-

I was sitting tonight, musing really,
alone as Melissa had fallen asleep
(those silent thoughts unable to compel her!)
my mind ambled along it's wandering course
and for some reason it settled on you.

There arose a memory, resurrected
one that dwelt in a dream
(tho never a dream, for 'twas felt too real!)
where you and I sat in a grand room
and I was confused with who you were.

In an instant I'd settled it, prematurely,
made up that you were an old acquaintance
(strange settling on that friend so ambiguous!)
and so I talked, and fudged, and tried to bridge
the gap from before, when we'd last met.

I should have seen the bushy brows
and twinkling eyes, recognized them then
(for now they were merry, and winking!)
and I think it was at last your laugh that awoke
and replaced, the childhood memory kept of you

It was really you! Not the other who I'd
passed off and tried to build a platform to.
(you and none other, singular to me!)
the blinders I wore then, fell to nothing
peel'd away then from my typhlotic eyes.

You were happy~but the laugh was more
besides the humor in the way I'd mark'd you
(Oh how you seemed to glow!)
and I felt your love, despite my hybris
and all the space and time between us.

Perhaps this then was a singularity?
as of I were earthbound and you a star
(fix'd in the heavens, on which I still gaze!)
a sparkling point of blue burning fire
the scabbarded tip of Orion's sword.

Strange recollection, this memory of a dream
brought by an angel, those long days ago
(so sharp to the quick, and piercing my center!)
awoken again tonight, by the muse
and I type when instead I should be asleep.

My wife, our kids, and even our dog
all know better than I right now and nod
(ebon skies and a waxing moon keep my watch.)
yet I type on, writing for my late grandfather
no latent elegy, but full-throated song of felicity!


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Beth said...

I think Grandpa would love that post!