Friday, May 29, 2009

If I Were Sagacious Solomon

my life is a green thing, a growing thing
one of plantings and pruning, dirt and fronds
the bud, the steam, the leaf

my life is a fruitful thing, a yielding thing
one of bounty and gains, crops and produce
the seed, the ear, the sheaf

my life is a bountiful thing, a teeming thing
one of children and years, unfolding and success
the eye, the tooth, the tongue

my life is a visible thing, a lamp-lit thing
one of season and time, allotment and age
the day, the week, the year

my being is a reflecting thing, a mirrored thing
one of chromosome and gene, flame and verve
the soul, the fire, the heat

my id is a quiet thing, a deliberate thing
one of compassion and regard, fancy and solicitude
the concept, the muse, the brooding


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