Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Graham (or Graeme, however you name will be)

I walked tonight, into work
Under the silence of the trees
I thought of you and smiled, son
wondering at your appearance

The moon hung above me
pale waxing sliver, in the sky
A thin slice of crescent white
hiding the greater black opalescence

oh tangible ghosts! I feel you
what waxing hopes you bring
to grow under these silent trees
my heart keeps time with your unborn one

storms were here but a day ago,
bearing down in liquid manifestations
wetting the earth, the loam
I felt the thunder crying out on the roof

And how soon ‘till her womb
releases its new grown life
gravity breaking those waters loose
but a day from now, a day.

Both moons and wombs offer
swelling hopes, and pregnant prospects
each growing in their expectancy
dilation over time into round fullness.

We wait for the changing tides! A few more hours
‘till her scheduled induction
and our longed for introduction
for you, fourthborn child, and brand new hope



Lara said...

Gah! Beautiful. So excited for both of you!

Beth said...

Beautiful Jay.