Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's April 15th and we've got 6" snow in Orem. And it is still coming down.

I got off work a few minutes ago and scraped my car off for the second time tonight. The parking lot was near empty and the place was silent as a cemetery. Our maintenance company has long since warehoused their snow removal stuff from the site, so our parking lots were all still covered. Whats a rear-wheel drive car owning feller to do? Grin and do a few donuts!

I noticed many of the ornamental cherry and apple trees were unfortunate enough to have blossomed already and are weighted down and bent over like so many bow staves, unable to loosen their load. They will break if we get much more of this, and I dread what the two days of 30 degree lows will do to the Utah Cherry and Apricot crops.

What a strange season of flower and snowflake! I actually thought for a moment about shoveling, but will only do so if the snow piles up to greater than 8" or if the power goes out--and if the latter hypothetical happens it'll be a case of extreme boredom (unable to surf the internets), and will mosey out to find something to do.

G'night humans, enjoy driving to work in this slop tomorrow!



Beth said...

Only you would think of shoveling! You amaze me with the amount of energy you have! Why didn't I get any of that?

I bet you had lots of fun doing donuts in that sweet Mustang! :)

Jarubla said...

we got approx 9 inches, I measured with a yard stick when the kids went out to play. I shoveled the sidewalks off in front of the garage and the walkway, and the cement areas in the back yard so Maddy could ride her bike. Hyrum built a snowman and I got a few pictures. :) Nice morning