Friday, March 20, 2009

Variation on a Theme of Albinoni

I bid adieu to winter, a new equinox
no epoch here, no paradigm
lo instead a subtle shift uncovered!

I greet this balance, holding equanimity
my own hands, a Galielean thermometer
globes and disks, colors on the rise!

How buoyant, and newly resurrected
a coin fresh minted, new hid by God
sharp shining face, oh brazen trumpet!

The old skin has been sloughed off
so snakelike, tugging, split at the mouth
opalescent pearls, moonstones for eyes!

And yet so changed, slight and impying
these eggs and stones, life and death
whisper of breath, the rattle of mortality!

The wheel is queueing, rank and column
a house my own, the one next door to mine
To life and canon, to life and continuum!


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