Friday, March 06, 2009


the natives have returned home again
snuck in 'tween last night's storms
each lurk and I feel their presence full around

perched four and five to a tree--exhausted
each in turn huddling and staring at me sullenly
cloacas voiding alien fruit (in concert) to the ground

too tired to squabble over fields, nests,
these are friends still, comrades even, from
those thousand miles traveled in ropey strands

long winter was spent far far from here
in a clime that rarely feels the hoar, the bite,
all that pulmule vouchsafed in foreign lands

and lo, I'm hit with vertigo (and swimming thoughts)
as I struggle comprehending the marching time
the millennia and interval passed in these pinioned friends

Prodigals! keen senses abraded, still smarting and raw
what compulsion to survive and to live!
new life thru perpetual wing'ed ships and ceaseless ends


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