Sunday, March 29, 2009

I was thinking about this last night, and wanted to share. Some folks believe gun owners are crazy and waiting for an opportunity to go all "wild west" on bad guys. Not true. Gun owners believe they have the right to defend themselves against people who would try to take their life, or harm their children. They also believe that gun ownership and responsibility for their own actions is a way of life.

Unfortunately, as with any kind of ownership, there is negligence. I hope my post will be read by someone who perhaps isn't as quite familiar with guns, and they may be educated a bit.

What I was thinking last night:

1. Always treat each gun like it is loaded
2. When pointing a gun, realize that whatever you point it at could be destroyed
3. It may be cool on the movies to have your finger on the trigger, but in real life, only put it there when you are planning on firing. See #2
4. Don't keep one in the chamber. The sound of a racking slide will make any burglar/rapist/murderer stop in his tracks
5. Teach your children that guns are tools, and never toys.
6. Secure your guns and ammo.


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