Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I started this blog entry with a complete and utter apoplectic rant in mind.

Instead I find myself deleting the ugly words and replacing them with a strange sense of hope.

Through the haze of economic uncertainty at work, regardless of all the the obfuscation laws dealing with 2nd ammendment rights in legislation, despite the destruction of war, famine, earthquake and flood, and even the intolerance and double standards people show, I have a strange spring welling up in me. Why?

I hope in the word of God!

I hope that despite everything man does, that His words are true!

I have faith that there is more to life, that man has a spirit which will be resurercted with his body, that families matter to God and will be reunited!

Ultimately I have hope knowing that I see through glass darkly now, but soon face-to-face!

And for that I find my rants to be small and meaningless in the overarching greatness of God's love for me.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for thy love for mankind and for me. I am humbled, and I tun to thee instead of to anger.



Lara said...

So good, Jay. And we ALL need that outlook. Thanks for sharing. It was inspiring.

AspenLeaf said...

Good words of hope.