Thursday, March 26, 2009

For Luann:

We relations pressed into a room at Bountiful
each of us hopeful and expectant, seated together, silent
for this grand day which had come at last, at last!

All waited, hushed, 'till you and your husband to be
came through the doors and sat together, still
our faces all shining, a reflection of your matched pair

Then the sealer, kind gentleman that he was, smiled and
spoke words then of hope and fidelity, love and faith,
his gentle humor shared, the bright badge of the Master

I attended closely, trying to recall my own wedding~
and failing that, realized words from mine were not dissimilar
God is not a respecter of persons, he loves equally

If the words spoken then were new strangers to my ears
then the tenor was the same, twin in their proposal
love and hope and being, family and progress, joy!

I could not help but be prick'd then, thinking of clan--
those who have passed this veil of life into the next--
they were attendant and interested, affections vested in all of us.

And God gives us a gift, this memory, a quiet fire within
banked against the winds, mounded coals cherry red
that when we are chilled form the buffeting of daily life

we can uncover the dirt, revealing the still-burning brand
anamnesis to the unquenchable love of God, perpetual gift!
For He considers the lilies, and He will not forget you.

Heaven's peoples smiled when you were wed and
a star danced in the heavens for you oh daughter of God!
brother and sister, father and mother, parent and child

on and on our family stretches, out beyond the horizon
the line where earth meets aether, shore meets sky
one by one, each person singular to God, till all are home.



Melissa said...

Beautiful, Jay! You have such a gift with words. You conveyed very much what I was feeling that day as well. Thank you for sharing

Beth said...

Beautiful! It brought back memories of when we got to be sealed with our little one, it's amazing isn't it? You've got such a way of writing feeling, Jay!