Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Favorites as of late:

Dark denim
Baked potatoes
Jalapeno jelly
The sound of the birds through my open windows!
Reading books from my childhood and still liking them (The Freedom Factor & The Alliance by Gerald Lund)
Removing that second quilt from my bed
Catching up with old and lost to me friends on Facebook

Old favorites:

The sound of my motorcycle idling
Snuggling and playing with my kids
Hanging out with my sister Beth
Witnessing the miracle of life in my spouses swelling belly
Introducing holidays to the young (St Pats today, new shirts and pinches for the kids)



Melissa said...

Thanks for posting this. It really made me realize I need to focus more on the good things that I enjoy (and how blessed I am) rather than the things that get on my nerves and the tiny things that seem to go wrong. I love you!

Beth said...

I love you! I also love to hang out with you, bro! I always look forward to spending time with you and Melissa and my adorable niece and nephews! Jody and I were talking the other day about who we love to hang out with as far as couples, and you were at the top of our list!!