Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I have been thinking

Random Thoughts:

-Instead of focusing on what you are unable to accomplish, focus on what you can do.

-Conscience is a matter of upbringing and mindset. What is moral to one, may not necessarily be moral to another.

-A clean house never hurt anyone, nor did a little hard work.

Things I really like as of late:

-The feel of freshly washed sheets
-The rumble of my Harley on a warmer winter day
-The laughter of my children
-Listening to my oldest son talk about school
-Talking to my parents (all 6--mom, dad, step mom, step dad, mom in law, dad in law)
-Hanging out with my brothers Dave, Chip, & Dan
-My team at work (the second shift is great! Different challenges, but they rise up)
-The thought of spring, veil like and near!
-All things Cabelas
-Shooting sports--fun to do, to practice, to read about, to shop for
-The way a heated leather seat feels on a cold day
-Watching my youngest son explore gravity with all his toys on the stairs (can you say toy pile?)
-Having piggyback rides with my daughter
-A clean garage
-A freshly washed and detailed car
-The stillness of trees
-Survivorman on The Discovery Channel
-Man vs Food on The Travel Channel
-The single season of Firefly (and wondering why those egg heads at Fox cancelled the show...)
-A freshly shaven face and scalp :)
-The comic strip Bizzaro
-The old comic strips Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side


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Michelle said...

Do you want to come and hang out in our garage for a while??? :)