Monday, February 02, 2009

Phobia and the Liking

I would like to think that in the last 5 years I have become a technologically savvy sort of consumer, but realized the truth of the matter this morning. How slowly I change!

This morning, I went to see if I could find an update on the blog of an old friend. Turns out he has migrated over to a new program called Twitter. I hadn't checked his old blog for several weeks and was surprised to find it was last updated January 20th with his invite over to the new real deal. Paul is someone who generally has the pulse of all things wired, so I immediately went over and signed up.

If you are unfamiliar with it, Twitter is a real time sort of thing, something of a 3G and connected nature. You can type in a quick blurb about how you are scrambling for the plane home from in Dublin and hate that you are stuck in your Ugg boots/green shirt emblazoned "Slante!" complete with Guinness stains for the whole flight.

You get my drift. And when I mean real time, I mean real time. The application can text your buddies cell phones with your comments, both banal and beautiful, and in nanoseconds everyone who you want to give a damn about you knows.

Actually, I am a bit envious. What a great idea.

I suppose I am glad that most folks are pretty slow to change, as my parents would probably get right on it, and although I would most likely not be subjected to a post about a BM (oy!), I fear I would be too connected.

Yes, yes. If this were the 11th century, I could possibly be a monk in hermitage somewhere. I tend to like my privacy. And Twitter, by it's nature, hopes to allow you to know moment-of-happenstance what is going on.

Now, lest someone misinterpret me, this is no RFID chip. Big Brother is not going to come crashing in and haul you off because you are getting the illegal groove on. It isn't some 1984 application, far from. It is purely user driven, and can even filter out anyone you don't desire following your every move (every breath you take, every bond you break, every dandruff flake...thank you Mr. Sumner). There are certainly plenty of stalkers/pedophiles/ex-cons who I wouldn't want knowing I was taking yoga lessons on top of my hand sewn mat of hundred-dollar bills with no taser/pepper spray/gun around and all three doors unlocked. It is a manually updated app, and is designed to bring folks together. Think Blog 2009, condensed down to a few words or sentences.

I'm going to try it. I am not promising anything earth shattering, but if you are curious, my Twitter name is jarubla. Log on, sign in, and flip me an email. jarubla at hotmail dot com.


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Tricia said...

I totally twitter! Not enough... and I don't promise more... but I will find you when I log in again!