Friday, February 06, 2009

I've got an unusual lull during work right now, so I figured I would write something, anything. So here goes:

(Two Fetter'd Twins)

Supposively there and yet
I don't believe it. No, no.
you yell it out with your muteness

Include! The harlot and the charlatan
all of them, Gods children
but an issue of blood, or an issue of pride

I pantomime in my glass box
fingers, hands pressed against silica
covalent bonds, judge not lest ye be measured!

My third eye stares and tears over, fix'd
vision swimming from the strain
ghostlike nictating membranes failed long ago

Perhaps He meant something?
Attitudes and rocks, domestic allusions
subdue! judge not lest ye be considered.

The devil twists sticks, mixing 'em
purposes unknown, 'cept for misery
trading bonds for stock all on SALE!

And I wait, wondering, with the mute
her lips frowning, my eye watering
both of us staring upon the surface of Siloam


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