Monday, January 19, 2009

Mr Obama,

On the eve of your inaguration, I hope you will listen to a regular American's plea. I am not famous, wealthy, or unusual. I do want to be free and remain so.

Please remember the constitution and the bill of rights.

Please don't infringe on people just trying to live their own life, worship the way they want, carry a firearm (and protect their family with it if the need arises), and don't force me into some weird medical coverage. Also, please stop giving away the taxpayers dollars.

Do try to work on a solution to fix the credit crisis. Do work bi-partisan. Do clean up the deficit. Do call for accountability in housing and investment martkets.

Just don't rock the boat sir. Make changes, but do it in ways that will help us to be healthy and free, unfettered by the UN, and by special pork barrel interests. Please help America to continue evolving and growing. Help us be accountable and strong. Keep one eye on the past, and another on the future. Be brave and true to both your roots.

Above all else, congratulations on the historic win, and after tomorrow, get to work!


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Gretschzilla said...

Well said, sir.