Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For Madolin:

Today you flew away
sunbright wings, swift to God
We got the news
bare minutes after you'd fled
the irony of it bittersweet
as we were driving up to see you

Gone! And yet here!
so many affected by one
your life was sharp
keen even, in the love of others
the sunlight on this winter
day is fitting eulogy--warmth

I suppose we all do
things in our own ways (to cope)
after the drive back I
went and shoveled snow for hours
Melissa, she baked and
we both thought of you while working

"She's reunited with Grandpa"
Connie told me (and unbidden the tears came)
thoughts and longings intermixed
missing and yearning for the same reunion,
another far off sundrenched day
where soul and soul and God reunite



Melissa said...

Oh, Jay. You brought fresh tears to my eyes. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent on this much needed day. I love you.

Lara said...

Jay. Melissa.

Hugs to you both. I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry, and I'll be sending many prayers up her way as she watches over you.

Much Love.

ANDREA said...

jay. im really sorry for the loss of your wifes grandma. i saw pics of her on your wifes blog on her 102nd birthday. im sure she lived a great life. BUT i just have to say- that you scared THEEE CRAAAP out of me and lara. we thought you were talking about your DAUGHTER and we were both in tears and so upset for you guys. not to take away from the sadness that you still feel for the loss of Grandma Madolin. oh but man. im like finally breathing again now- we had to do a lot of researching and stuff to even find out there was a grandma that your daughter was named after.

Okay- well sorry for your loss, but im sorry- Im so relieved it wasn't your cute little daughter. and congrats as well on the upcoming child.

AND this was a beautiful way to remember melissas grandma- youre an amazing writer.

Lara said...

Okay, I have to edit my first comment. Please enter "Slap/" before "Hugs". Just cause of all the tears and grief I felt for you thinking it was your daughter. Man I was a wreck thinking about how Melissa and you must've been feeling, and I just couldn't handle it. Let's be honest. I cried for a good hour.
But I still really am sorry about your grandma. What sweet reunions she must be having right now!

Jarubla said...

Sorry Lara and Andrea!

I have been so busy at work (I know...lame excuse!!) that I neglected to get this posting updated.

I am so glad it isn't my sweet baby Madolin either. That would just about break me in half. Even with it being Grandma Madolin, this still hits hard. This lady is one of those amazing people who can reach others--anyone really--and bring them in for one of those soul searching hugs. You know the kind. This lady is a lot like Christ. And that is the main reason why we named our daughter after her.

I hope my daughter lives up to the name and example of Gradma Jensen.

Thanks again for your thoughts/prayers/tears. They say a lot, especially as you thought they were for my little one.

God Bless you my friends!


Lara said...

Same to you and yours, Jay.