Saturday, December 27, 2008

Most poignant thing I have read on the Internet in weeks:

"People put too much of themselves into the Internet and not enough into real life."

Posted By Clint, Salem OR : December 26, 2008 2:12 pm

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The poignant comment is in retaliation to some of the slander the readers were making about Wal-Mart. I am a fan of the place (didn't used to be a decade ago, but like it now).

Not sure why I posted this, but the thought seems poignant. So much of the Internet is based on an ideal--a free ranging playground, a place where people can comment without fear of being identified. Anonymity is the bugle call of the Internet. I remember some retailers used to say "shop in your underwear!" as a slogan. And the slogan works, because it is true. Do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home, no one will know what you are doing.

I am curious--if an id (name, rank, and serial number) were displayed on each of our e-tracks, would this phenomenon of anonymous bashing continue? If Joe Schmoe, your neighbor, could be easily identified as an aficionado of all things women's hosiery, perhaps it would put a kink (no pun intended) in your neighborly relationship. Anonymity breeds contempt (and in a case like Joe's, you could even say familiarity would breed contempt as well).

On a separate but mildly related note, I am in management and hear stories of managers/HR folk quashing applicants after checking out their applicant's myspace page and finding that the person represented in the interview was someone quite different in real life. The practice has become more common, and the trend will probably become fully commonplace in the next ten years what with everyone being so connected and all nowadays.

This post is really just a musing, if you agree or disagree, reply. I'd like to hear your thoughts.


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Michelle said...

I agree - I think we really need to be careful and teach our children how to really communicate with their mouths, not their fingers, I mean come on - I've seen people text each other when they're sitting next to each other!