Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I went to see you today alone
not the sort of visit
where I bring along the children

you were in the hospital
heartsick, soulsick, aching
I sat with family there and we talked

at thirty, a man expects
certain things, altruisms--
but broken, he reverts back to clan

and soon you were discharged
forms, wheels, doors all working
I felt a glimmering of hope, despair

twins in my breast, twins~
which first would breach?
what hand to lay claim to birthright?

thank God for family, oh God
when all seeming fails around
they wrap about me, a minken mantle

tears then, in the retelling
pains revisited, wrack reborn
and yet new life, resurrection! tiny spark

soon now night too shall arrive
not the dark of eternal sleep
just one of momentarily blinking, staved~

succeded by another dawn again
in God's burning eye, the sky
trailing onward, on, till rightful day of rest.

-Jay 9/18/08

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