Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For Bruce

Todays trip to the mailbox bore me strange fruit indeed
I went hoping for a package, yet found something unexpected there
the previously unknown avuncular writings of a Blair
and I found scion-fresh words; all moreover, still, too, & yet.

In my hand a manilla envelope stared back at me, iris periods by the initials R & B
peeking past an overdue car loan bill, they shyly implored me to open the packet
I scooped them all up, letters and packages--and R.B.'s origin was debated all the way in
I found myself standing at the table: so still, breathless, halcyon, & composed.

"Merry Christmas!" the simple card saluted, picnic words hiding
the thick evaoprated prose the package still yet unbeknownst bore.
"from one Blair poet to another" finished the card (Spartanly), and beguiling,
the package entreated me to open it: to undo, tear, rend, & disclose.

I obliged, and space and time transcended~strange moment of lucidity!
you were there then, and I knew you all my life--the picture on the cover was you,
and I was there. comprehension ran together, a
raging torrent of thought; swolen river in flood, cataract, torrent, & surge.

A bare five sestinas I read, then ate, digesting words with meat, bread and thought
mingling until one and one were same, noumenon and nourishment, clay and clay
pith that formed the nerve and eye and wrinkle of brain. 'lo missing! 'lo prodigal!
misplaced man, too like me; all matching, paralell, kin, & resembling.

You and dad and I, three similar, three diferent. one bohemian, one doctrinal, one marking
yet cut from the same soil. I felt for a moment the disorientation
of a funhouse mirror--reality was skewed, foothold inverted.
metamorphosis transmogrified it all into pomes; the shoot, vines, petal, & leaflet.

And now I am changed, feeling the weight of progeny as perhaps my forebears felt
wondering how close to the quick my own guises cut, cloaks and faces all~
the same which other Blairs were akin to, more than blood I mean, but persona
habiliment, and accoutrement; that embodiment, identity, stricture, & self

Thank you for your words, unexpectedly shared and secretly mailed
I marked them today and will mark them again, strong running heralds all
the leagues they cross on toiling legs are light~and the space between is eclipsed
overstepped by pen and ink: brave voyager, wayfarer, albatross, & nomad!


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Melissa said...

Jay! This has got to be one of my favorite things you have ever, ever written. You had me breatheless while I was reading it. On my toes waiting to see what was in the package as well. Well, written!!!