Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Day the Earth Got Tired of Hippies

We went and watched The Day The Earth Stood Still tonight with Jim & Angie Simmons, Andy & Shanna Hernandez, and Cory & Darla Yeates. I supposed I should have been a bit prepped by the fact that it was an old Hollywood remake we were going to watch, but the big names in it had me thinking it could be OK.

Well, the usual hippie environmentalism cropped up, and the aliens were going to erase all human life, and we were all touched and weepy because the little boy's dad was dead.

It was a bit typical of the environmental slurry Hollywood has grown accustomed to serving us. Instead of us living peacefully with each other (ala 1951), we must now live peacefully with the earth (and donations to Greenpeace are one way of doing that. Greenpeace regularly shoots tear gas at 50 foot robots and Japanese jackalope hunters to scare them away).

I left the movie feeling vaguely nauseated, wondering what the hell Keanu Reeves' character Klaatu's death meant (death by silica/carbon based robot locusts probably didn't yield much to his energy being reused elsewhere), wondering what the extent of the sacrifice the survivors would have to make to save the planet (I am assuming some Kyoto-on-steroids would suffice), and wondering how Jennifer Connelly and Jaden Smith's characters were going to get to whoever the hell was in charge and tell them what happened and why the alien, Klaatu decided to let them live (he had the change of heart over a vague amalgam of Bach, a math formulae with a cool Nobel-prize winning John Cleese, tears over a dead parents grave, and allusions to verve--the alien somehow grew "human" morals).

Now, lest some alien earth wardens read my post and sweep on in, killing everyone except for Al Gore (the perfect environmentalist poster boy and Nobel Prize Winner, except for the Chilean Sea Bass incident), I do want to say that I do care about the environment. I personally feel that the earth is part of our stewardship. I think we will need to account to God in how we treat it. I also believe we need to find ways to take care of it. We need to try and not intentionally poison it, or at the very least use common sense and not poison ourselves or our children. Do we need intervention? We do. Are we at the brink of a precipice? I think not.

The shrill voice of Hollywood would want us to believe so. If the new administration thinks raising taxes on gas/oil/gasoline will fix it, they are mistaken. If they think making gas too expensive to use so we'll clamor for the Chevy Volt will solve the issue, they are wrong. We need to stay the course, get the economy back on line, continue to find new (feasible) alternative resources, and keep moving in a green direction.

All ranting aside (it is late now, and quite past my bedtime), the movie is OK to watch once. It has some very cool ideas--the alien adapting to the earth by being "born", the "arks", the special effects (all kinds of stuff eaten up by the little robot locusts), the idea that a higher power/entity is interested in our planet (I am of the opinion this is true, just that God is the higher power interested). But if you are planning on buying it, I say go with the 1951 version. There is a reason why it is a classic, and that 57 years form now, the new version will be a footnote.

The original may be campier, by today's standards, but it is far less preachy. And I fear the upcoming administration is going to get more shrill and throw its weight around with some very deep pockets in order to cram more of the same hippie slurry into movies. You heard it here folks, get ready for X-Men 6 Rise of the Oil Slick Cleaner-Upper Guy, and the like.

But then again, in thew words of the late great Phil Hartman: "What do I know, I'm just a caveman!"



Gretschzilla said...

Thanks for the review. I'll add this to my list of movies to avoid, or at least to be cautious of.

Tricia said...

This was one that I was worried about, anyway... and now will worry no more. I just won't see it. Or will I?

Jarubla said...


It is worth seeing once. There are some very cool effects in the movie for sure!

Don't let my ranting deter ya! :)