Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love BYU football even more tonight...

Even after this game. Even after 5 TOs, 5 sacks, and all these damn penalties.

I am going to go buy a damn jersey and wear it to work on Tuesday, or get a flag and fly it all year. Something.

There is 5 min left in the game and BYU is down to Utah 24-41.

I realize tonight that I am turning into my father; cussing, kicking the chairs, and yelling at the radio. I offended my brother Dan, thought murderous thoughts about every Utah fan (for about 50 minutes), cursed the BCS money that every fan is going to say will be good for the conference (for about 50 minutes), and hoped for a great payback game next year. For two payback games actually, one with TCU and the other with Utah.

And now...I am cool with it. Win some lose some, keep the chin up, and "The Quest" continues.

Here's to the Bowl game that BYU is heading to! It will be either the Poinsettia or the Las Vegas, and most likely the Poinsettia.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Cunning Worker

in siderial days like these it seems
my well-built constructs evaporate
and deftly woven artifices fail 'till
all's fleeing; gasping, naked, shipwreck'd

this sand at times so firm underfoot
pr'haps dampened and bound by cement
'tis but sand, and shall revert still
eroded by time; attrited, eaten, windwreck'd

so many castles built of these grains
erections of fallacy, aether and wind
are stormbeaten and on and on 'till
ruined by seas; leveled, lost, shatter'd

the clay Daedalus sought in which to roost
with feathers twisted in wax and hope
plunges silently, a single scream then still
on the surface; sinking, slipping, ruin'd

these tinkling honied lips, mark well
the brazen call of cymbal and coronet
"Buy not the spurious thought, trappings ill!"
time settles all; clarifying, distilling, resolv'd