Friday, October 17, 2008

I still love BYU Football

Even after last night's game. Even after the funk that Max Hall seems to be in these last 3 games. He's forcing passes into double coverage, and playing as if he was carrying around a great weight instead of the calm calculating game he usually plays. Must be the great big ranking hanging around his neck like a millstone.

True, we may fall completely off the top 25 with this loss, and we're most likely out of the BCS bowl bid, but honestly I can say I don't give a rats ass (And most likely we'll be number 23 or some such). The focus now can be a bit more relaxed. Now instead of every single competitor seeing a top ten team on their home field, the cougars can now focus on trying to finish the season off with 5 more wins chalked up. A bit less stressed by the burden, a bit more loose, a bit more motivated. Carrying around a ranking all the time can be heavy. If they can do this and chalk up 5 more wins, that would be close enough to a BCS bowl bid to satisfy my BYU football expectations this year.

Here's how I see the rest of the season shaking out:

10/25 BYU vs by 21
11/7 BYU vs Colrado by 19
11/8 BYU vs by 28
11/15 BYU vs Air by 13
11/22 BYU vs in OT by 3

Utah will beat TCU on 11/6, and TCU will have a hard time at Air Force. The final game of the regular season will be bitter at Rice-Eccles. BYU takes home the trophy after a hard fought season and ends up ranked 19th in the nation. As to a bowl game, they are eligible, and could end up anywhere. If they do pull off a win against Utah, its the Pioneer Las Vegas, but the MWC has four bowl game bids, and BYU may play in one of the four.

I dearly would love to see a rematch this season between BYU and TCU, but this will not be a BYU-UCLA revisit. If only, if only. BYU adapted the second half. A rematch this season would be very interesting.

All the ranting and speculation aside, here's to the rest of BYU's season!

Boys, after you realize no one will be gunning for you count this a good thing. Now is the time to practice hard, get that Quarterback option/draw defense smoothed out and lets move forward. It is time to get ready for the next five games and work towards that 6th!




Jarubla said...

OK, so UNLV was a win by 7, we'll see about the game against Colorado State, 2nd half!


Katie & Derek Miller said...

Hey Jay I just saw that you had a blog from laras and thought i'd say hi! Nortel was forever ago but you sure were a nice boss to me especially with all my drama and i still appreciate it even if ya barely remember me! hope you and yours are doing great! Katie Blauer (now miller :)