Thursday, October 09, 2008

Damn cold...

Yup, you guessed it, I have a cold. And not just the garden variety either--no I have a damn cold, quantified by this dry hacking cough, the alternating congestion in opposite orifices, and the parchment-dry throat which never seems to be slaked by umpteen visits to the drinking fountain.

It's damned cold indeed. Thrice damned by my writing and reckoning, and the damnability outlook is near limitless at this moment. To add insult to injury, Madolin, Miles, and Melissa all have one too (Hyrum lucked out somehow, thankfully).

Tis the season! Not only does this time of year allow me to enjoy the pre-Halloween Christmas decor, but the bite in the air allows the annual pilgrimage of the mutated rhinovirus into my upper respiratory system and I get to enjoy that Christmas garland hanging in Macys all blurred by my itchy watery NyQuil blurred eyes. Who needs illicit drugs when you can take a trip to the mall and see some weird shyte like that?

All kidding aside, I truly am suffering a cold (and it is my annual one!) and can think of absolutely nothing more interesting between this stuffy nostril and stuffy ear to write about. So apologies, .5 reader, for this rant about my bout with coronavirus.

It's time to head to the mall and Macys to see if that decorated tree and those craaaaazy wreaths will do that funky dance for me again!



Gretschzilla said...

"Opposite orifices." Classic. That sucks that you have a cold, but cold medicine is the stuff dreams are made of. Mmmm...NyQuil.

Melissa said...

Hey, at least you can take some kind of medicine! Some of us have just had to suffer through with cough drops! Hope it doesn't last much longer for any of us.

Jarubla said...

Day 3

No voice control whatsoever. I have one volume, dry rasp.

No sleep, had a funky dream that actually turned out to be a boon, san on the floor from 2:45 to 3:10 writing it down. Actually feels like it might make it past the crap bin.

I have been drinking copious ammounts of tea, V8, water, Gatorade--the last visit one minute ago netted me a bakers dozen of bathroom visits today. Hydrated schmydrated!

Will report in later tomorrow with an update as it seems to break after night #3. We shall see


Travis said...

Nyquil, what a name, NY big Freakin Q! That dry air will do that to you Jay, you should come to Ohio and all of those symptoms woudl be gone...except the comment alternating orifices (bad mental Image). Get better...and blame the darn cold on the wife, or coworker, that will make you feel better.